Collection done

The sound collection and optimisation parts of the project are now done. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to take part! You can hear the final sounds we have crowd sourced here. We will now be digging through the sounds we collected and the moods our volunteers associated with them: we’ll present what we find out on this blog so please do drop in from time to time to see how things are going.

In progress!

We’ve got over 80 people signed up to listen to sounds now, and have recorded nearly 200 separate visits where people have listened to sounds. Thanks to everyone for taking part so far! We have got some feedback that the sounds are either too similar or a lot of white noise, though some have noted that a few of the sounds really stand out. As these are chosen more often the less relevant ones will start to disappear! This is starting to happen for one of the places in the study, for which there have been a few more participants. So please do continue to come back and listen again, even if you’ve not had a reminder email in a while.